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Case Studies

Stuart Kahn Associates has assisted many clients through the change process during times of growth, downsizing, union strikes, and financial difficulty.

Union Strikes and Stuart Kahn Associates Creates Resolution

    When the corporate officers of an industrial parts manufacturing company in Philadelphia decided to implement a vast change in benefits for its employees, they were not aware of the uproar that would result.  Loaded with a workforce of union employees, the company received a large increase in their medical insurance premium.

The company officers decided it to be in the best interest of its employees to explore their benefit options, so as not to have to increase the employee contribution towards the premium costs. They made a decision to implement a no-referral HMO plan with a new carrier. Union employees became infuriated with the plan change and with the company’s exclusion of its employees in reaching this decision. As a result, the union decided to strike.

Company officers immediately called upon Stuart Kahn Associates to assist in a resolution.  Stuart Kahn Associates crossed the picket line that same day, grabbed the attention of the striking workers, and informed them of the changes in benefits in an easy to understand, optimistic presentation. It was made astoundingly clear that though changes were made, the newly implemented benefits were nearly as comprehensive as those previously in place and that the premium savings would allow employees to take an increased pay home to their families.  The picket lines quickly dissolved and employees resumed their positions with a patched view of their corporate officers.



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